GNU+Linux+Libreboot laptops

RetroFreedom sells secure, privacy-respecting laptops that give you freedom. They have Libreboot BIOS replacement and Trisquel GNU+Linux operating system pre-installed, endorsed by the Free Software Foundation. We source high quality parts for our products.

Richard Stallman explains free software at TEDx Geneva. Subtitles and slides.

You have rights! Libreboot systems will never spy on you or restrict your activities. You have 100% freedom and control over your Libreboot system. There are zero backdoors.

Free technical support via email, and a 2 year warranty for all products. Laptops have 2 batteries and 3 power plugs: UK, EU, US. Compatible in all countries, whether split 120V or single 240V A/C.

Shipping *worldwide* from our lab in the UK! Europe/USA/Canada 2-5 business days, UK 1-2 days. Other countries 5-10 business days.

We accept foreign currency. Convert the £ (British Pound) price via converter and send the new amount. Bitcoin also accepted!

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Showing all 4 results