I sell modified retro gaming systems that I've professionally restored and refurbished (e.g. capacitor replacement, trace repair etc). This also includes things like removing copy/region protection, optimizing the video outputs for modern HDTVs and so on. Play all your childhood games in the highest possible quality, on real hardware!. No more inaccurate emulation software. This makes them ideal for the discerning gamer or emulator/homebrew developer. My consoles function better than they did when they were manufactured! I, Leah Rowe, am deeply passionate about retro games and I want to bring you the best possible quality. Here you can see what I currently have on offer (prices are in British Pounds. See for exchange rates to your own currency). Shipping worldwide! I ship from my lab in the UK. 30 day money-back guarantee on all orders, plus a 2 year warranty. I work hard in my lab, putting all the love (and solder) into these systems so that you can enjoy them fully.

You can read more about RetroFreedom on about.html. Information about my lab setup can be found on setup.html.

Chipped Sony Playstation 1 (PS1) with proper CSYNC and dual PAL/NTSC oscillators. Boots CD-R and import games region-free! Updated 2019-12-11


Sega MegaDrive/Genesis model I with RGB+audio bypass boards, full re-cap, region switch, 10mhz overclock and 50/60hz switch Updated 2019-12-11

118 GBP +UKVAT. Has widened cart slot

Sega Master System 2 with RGB+audio via DIN8 socket, full re-cap, language switch, 50/60Hz switch (with correct oscillators), jailbar fixes and NTSC colorburst fix Updated 2019-12-11


Sega MegaDrive/Genesis model II with RGB+audio Triple Bypass, full re-cap, region switch and 50/60hz switch Updated 2019-12-11

98 GBP +UKVAT. Has widened cart slot

Send me your console and I'll mod it for you! I can do anything: NES, gameboy, PS1, PS2, SMS, Megadrive etc

150 GBP +UKVAT service charge. includes re-cap, cleaning, board repair... plus extra if parts are wanted to be installed (e.g. NES RGB install)

PS2s also available in limited quantity. Slim model +controller +128mb memcard +PSU, 78 GBP +UKVAT - has modbo4 stealth modchip to play from burned cd/dvd-r. v12 models have matrix picfix

YouTube video of my PS2 mod techniques here

RetroFreedom is a trading name of Minifree Ltd, registered in England. Company number 9361826, VAT registration number GB202190462. Registered business address is: Minifree Ltd, 19 Hilton Road, Canvey Island, Essex SS8 9QA (do not show up in person. This is only shown due to legal requirement that British companies show their company info)

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If you wish to purchase a console, send me a DM on Twitter. My twitter page is here: or email Tell me your name/address and I'll send you an invoice. Company info: Minifree Ltd, trading as RetroFreedom, Registered in England, number 9361826, VAT GB202190462, address 19 Hilton Road, Canvey Island, Essex SS8 9QA, UK. I, Leah Rowe, am company director, owner of this site and the one doing these mods. I only raise an invoice if the item requested is in stock. When you order, the item will be reserved for 5 days to allow for payment. Item is shipped upon receipt of payment.