RetroFreedom operates in the UK and is a VAT registered company. See the bottom of every page on this website, for our company information!

Prices on the website are without VAT. This is because most of our customers are in other countries so we are allowed to zero-rate the VAT for most customers.

If you live in the UK, 20% VAT will be added during checkout. If you’re a VAT registered business in the UK, please tell us! We will give you a VAT receipt. Give the VAT receipt to your accountant, and your accountant will re-claim the VAT for you, the next time your accountant files a VAT return for your company.

If you live in the EU, please read the Brexit page to understand how VAT applies to you:

NOTE: EU customers no longer pay 20% VAT at checkout. The VAT is 0% at checkout, and you pay VAT to your own government instead. UPS (delivery company) will phone you, or send a bill to your house. You go to a web page, and simply pay the VAT amount via debit/credit card. The customs paperwork is handled automatically, so you only have to pay the import VAT. It’s the same percentage as local VAT or sales tax in your country (some countries also charge tariff fees aswell, usually about 2-5%. UK/EU have a zero-tariff free trade deal, so EU customers don’t pay tariffs, only import VAT).