Shipping costs

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If you’re in the European Union, please tell us your TIN (Tax Identification Number) if you have one, when ordering. We will pass this along to UPS; this will speed up customs clearance, so that UPS knows properly how to tax you. See: – If you reside in a country outside of the European Union (not the UK), you might also consider providing us this information (if your country assigns such numbers) and we will write it on the customs invoice when shipping your package. Such information speeds up customs processing.

If you’re a business in the EU, ordering from us as a business, please provide us your VAT number and EORI number. Information about applying for an EORI number can be found here:

RetroFreedom operates in the UK. We have shipped products internationally for years, successfully. We have a great deal of knowledge and experience! Very few of our customers are British! Most of our customers are Europeans and Americans; however, we also have experience shipping to Asia, Australia, Africa, Russia, South America and the Middle East! Our laptops have reached many people all over the world.

The laptops that we sell come with battery charger PSUs that are 120-240V auto-switching, so they will work automatically in all countries. We provide multiple power plugs for different countries, so that our laptops work properly in all countries.

If you wish to pay in another currency, convert the £ GBP (British Pound) amount using currency converter and pay the converted amount in that currency instead. Our bank accepts any currency, and automatically converts to £ GBP when we receive your payment.

We only use high quality UPS shipping services. UPS provides fast, efficient services, and they take great care when handling international shipments.

Shipping costs are as follows, for laptops:

USA and Canada (ETA 2-5 business days)
£60 GBP

European continent (ETA 2-5 business days)
£25 GBP

Click here to learn about how Brexit affects VAT for European customers

United Kingdom (ETA 1-2 business days)
£15 GBP

South American countries (ETA 5-10 business days)
£100 GBP

Rest of the world (ETA 5-10 business days)
£80 GBP