Resistor divider generator

A resistor divider (see diagram) divides a larger voltage into a smaller one.
mVout = (mVin * R2) / (R1 + R2)

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About this program

Sometimes, you want to precisely tune a signal and to do that, you might use a resistor divider. Other resistor divider calculators exist, but they usually give you the most ideal values. In the real world, resistors come in fixed sizes. With this web application, you can give a voltage and a desired output voltage, where you will then be given a precisely calculated list of resistor combinations to use, for actual real world resistor values, in your divider circuit. To my knowledge, no other such program existed, simple though it may be. My name is Leah Rowe, and you can learn more about me from my personal website at https//

You can learn more about voltage dividers by reading the following Web page on WikiPedia.

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The resistor divider diagram is released under Creative Commons Zero license version 1.0, as per this wikipedia page where it was found: