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The terms of service are very simple:

Send RetroFreedom any libreboot-supported system, and it will be flashed with Libreboot. If an HDD/SSD is present, we can install Trisquel 9 (with full disk encryption) or other GNU+Linux distro on it at no extra cost. If it’s a laptop, an Atheros AR5B95 wifi card will be installed, giving you fully libre WiFi support.

This page defines which systems are supported by Libreboot:

In addition to this, RetroFreedom will fully clean and refurbish your system, similarly to how the regularly sold laptops (on this website!) are refurbished.

If you purchase this service, please purchase it *once* per system. In other words, if you want 5 laptops flashed, purchase 5x quantity of this service. Instructions are provided at checkout, for payment. Make the payment, and then notify RetroFreedom that you have paid; RetroFreedom will provide you its address, so that you can send your system in for servicing!

Security mods

The laptops that we sell are already highly secure, but we can make it even more secure. For an additional price, we can perform several modifications to your hardware, to enhance security. Read more here:

This is also available for Retroboot laptops.

We also provide Retroboot installs

Retroboot is a new project, started in early December 2020, with the first release made available on 28 December 2020. See:

For explanation of how this differs from Libreboot:

Customers regularly send us X220 and X230 thinkpads for flashing. We also occasionally receive T420. We are happy to flash coreboot on *any* system that it supports.

Retroboot provides an automated build system for auto-building coreboot ROM images with various payloads. If your board is not supported in Retroboot, it can very easily be added so long as coreboot supports it. We will add a config and whatever patches needed (for coreboot) and build a Retroboot ROM, based on coreboot. it will be tested, and your board will be fully documented on the Retroboot website!

If it has Intel ME, we will use the me_cleaner utility on it. This utility removes most of the code from Intel ME, including networking and AMT, leaving only a small binary blob that handles power management and a few other minor functions. This makes your machine more secure, since it removes the main security threat posed by the Intel ME.

More information about me_cleaner here (it is included in Retroboot by default):

NOTE: me_cleaner doesn’t totally remove Intel ME. On Libreboot laptops (e.g. X200/T400) the Intel ME is 100% removed from boot flash, and disabled entirely, because on those laptops the ME only handles AMT and TPM. On newer machines (e.g. X220/X230), the ME also handles power management and initialization of certain PCH-related functions. So on those later laptops, it is necessary to reverse engineer the ME and figure out a way to run free replacement code for it that will replicate the ME functions; this is not et achieved.

We obviously recommend that you send us a Libreboot-compatible system, or buy one of our pre-flashed Libreboot machines, but we understand that not everyone will want to use those machines, so for such people who want other coreboot machines we are happy to provide a “coreboot installation service”, to reduce the amount of proprietary software that you use.


The same 30 day guarantee and 2 year warranty is provided (see link at the top of every page on this website).

However, since this is a system you’re sending to us, the machine itself is excluded. In context of the warranty, what this means is that we will:

  • Dump a full backup of the flash chip before installing coreboot/libreboot
  • Supply a dump of this ROM for you (we will also keep a backup here, in our lab, during the 2 year warranty period, in case you lose your backup)
  • We are not responsible for any bugs/issues in coreboot.
  • If you are unhappy with coreboot/libreboot we will tell you how to re-flash the original firmware; if doing so is non-trivial and you wish us to do it, you can send your machine back and we will reverse the coreboot/libreboot installation at no extra cost to you. If you decide to reverse the libreboot/coreboot installation, we will refund to you the cost of the installation service entirely.
  • If your hardware physically develops a fault, we will fix it for a fee, but it’s not covered under warranty which is why we charge a fee (e.g. if you need a screen replaced, we will charge for that). This is because we did not supply the hardware to you, we only provided coreboot/libreboot installation
  • Full warranty provided for hardware that we *do* supply. For example, if you send a machine to us and also buy RAM/SSD, then a warranty is provided on the RAM/SSD you bought from us. We also install a libre AR5B95 wifi card into laptops, and that card is under warranty.

Therefore the warranty is more limited on installation service, compared to physical laptops and other products we sell on this website.

Free technical support is provided on all products/services purchased from RetroFreedom, and this includes the install service described on this page. In context of the install service, that means