Upgrade: 8G RAM and 480G SSD


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If you are buying a laptop, and the laptop by default comes with 4G RAM and 250GB HDD, consider buying this kit! This kit will improve the performance of your laptop greatly, and higher RAM allows you to run more applications at the same time. If you only want RAM, but not the SSD, order this kit instead: https://retrofreedom.com/product/8gib-ram-upgrade/

If you buy this kit on its own, it will be shipped to you on its own.

If you buy this kit with a laptop, it will be installed into the laptop, replacing the 4G RAM and 250G HDD (if you prefer the laptop to have 4G RAM and 250G HDD and want this kit included separately, please mention it in the textbox on the checkout page. If you prefer the 8G RAM and 480G SSD installed into the laptop, but want the 4G RAM and 250G HDD included spare, please also say so).

We normally use Crucial brand for both the RAM and SSD, but we will sometimes use other brand. Whatever brand we use is tested and confirmed to work on Libreboot X200, X200 Tablet, T400 and W500 laptops that we sell.

The SSD has Trisquel GNU+Linux, version “9.0 MATE” installed on it, and comes with Libreboot+Trisquel source code (installed onto the desktop). Insert it into your laptop and boot it up!

The RAM is DDR3 SODIMM, 1066mhz 1333mhz or 1600mhz (FSB on X200/X200T/T400/W500 is 1066mhz and higher spec RAM will run at the lower speed). 8G RAM is sold as 2x4GB (2 separate modules).