Don’t panic! Your laptop will still arrive, quickly and safely!

Officially, the UK has cancelled its membership of the European Union (EU). This act [of leaving the EU] is called “Brexit”. What does Brexit mean for our European customers?

RetroFreedom operates in the UK and is a VAT registered company (see the bottom of every page of this website for company details). We handle the export documentation for you. UPS (delivery company) handles the tax paperwork for you, so don’t worry! It is 100% automatic. We use quality packing materials and an excessive amount of bubble wrap, to ensure that international shipments arrive safely.

We have shipped products internationally for years, successfully. We have a great deal of knowledge and experience! Very few of our customers are British! Most of our customers are Europeans and Americans; however, we also have experience shipping to Asia, Australia, Africa, Russia, South America and the Middle East! Our laptops have reached many people all over the world.

We understand that some Europeans are worried about Brexit. Please don’t panic! Allow RetroFreedom to cure your fears.

EU customs union and 2020 Brexit “transition period”

Before January 1st, 2021, the UK is still a member of the EU Customs Union.

If you order a laptop before January 1st, 2021:

  • RetroFreedom webshop charges 20% UK VAT
  • Laptop arrives at your location. There are zero forms to fill in, and everything is super easy!
  • The import tax is zero. You paid VAT to RetroFreedom when you ordered. We pay HMRC (British tax authority) next time we file a UK VAT return. Simple!

If you order a laptop after December 31st, 2020:

  • RetroFreedom webshop charges 0% UK VAT. You do not pay tax during checkout.
  • RetroFreedom handles the export documentation and paperwork for you. It is 100% automated. You don’t have to do anything. Let Leah handle it 🙂
  • Package arrives in your country. UPS (delivery company) pays the import tax and completes the tax paperwork for you. Again, 100% automated! You don’t have to do anything! Let UPS handle it 🙂
  • UPS will tell you to pay a small handling fee (e.g. 10 EUR) plus the import tax (e.g. in the Netherlands it’s 21%) to them, to cover their cost. You pay UPS via debit/credit card, over the phone or via their online system. Simple!
  • Laptop arrives at your location!

Do not fear Brexit. It means nothing. We can still ship you a laptop, and it will still arrive quickly. The only difference is that you pay tax to your own government, instead of the British government. UPS charges you the tax and you pay them using your debit/credit card.

The extra checks and red tape will add 1 day of delay to the shipping time, which is nothing. What does 1 extra day mean to you? 🙂

VAT is very similar (compared to UK) in most EU countries. Therefore, for most Europeans, the total cost of the laptop + tax will be the same as when the UK was a European Union member!

The way trade between UK and EU works after Brexit is how it works with *every* other country outside of the EU that we ship to. And we’ve been shipping outside the EU for years, without issues! RetroFreedom regularly ships to North America, Russia and Asia, without issue.